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Before you start raiding as a hunter, you have to make sure you have a few things in check.

First things first, we need to make sure we understand what our stat priority is as follows.

Here are the conversions:
53 Agility (Marks, BM) = 46 Agility (Survival) = 1% Crit, 106 Ranged Attack Power
1 Agility = 2 Range Attack Power
14 RAP ~ 1 flat dps increase
1% crit ~ 1.3 percent dps increase.

Now that we got that down, lets get you specced right.

This is (to an extent) the basic hunter spec for raiding. Outside of damage, your job is to provide Trueshot Aura (TSA) to the group you are assigned to. This spec has some room to play around, but most of the time, you will need to go into Surefooted. On that note, it brings us to the next topic,

A hunter needs 9% hit to be "hitcapped' for their ranged attacks. This is incredibly important while raiding. Most of your damage output comes from your Aimed shot and Auto Shot hits. Any one missed is a huge hit to your damage, which for the most part is already generally low. To reach this hit cap, you will need to have the right gear. Below is a pre raid list for gear that you should aim for.

Pre-Raid Best in Slot

Backwood Helm This is by far the best helm, anything else is just not worth it.

Neck: Pendant of Celerity Get this if you lack hit, finding an UBRS grp that can summon Valthalak can be hard.
Mark of Fordring This is great because hunters thrive off of critical hits.
Medallion of the Dawn This is good if you are lazy and dont want to get Mark of Fordring, also gives more stamina for more survivability.

Bloodsoul Shoulders These shoulders are relatively easy to craft, great agility.
Truestrike Shoulders Get these if you lack hit, these are also good if you cannot achieve 9% hit in NR gear.
Abyssal Mail Pauldrons These are from the Silithus Bosses from the Greater Wind Stone. Pretty decent, but pretty difficult to get.
Spaulders of the Unseen Can be found off the Auction House. Easy to get, not that bad.

Cape of the Black Baron This gives you 50 Ranged Attack Power (RAP) and is BiS until Ragnaros.
Blisterbane Wrap 15 agi, not much more to say.
Dark Phantom Cape Also 15 agi, easily found on the Auction House

Savage Gladiator Chain This will last you until t2+, it is worth the farm, and its possible to farm this solo as a hunter.
Bloodsoul Breastplate A good replacement for Savage Gladiator Chain, not as good, but much easier to get.
Bonebrace Hauberk Can be found off the Auction House, rare drop from Scholomance, not worth the time in my opinion.
Bracers of the Eclipse These give you the most bang for your buck, attack power + agility.
Primal Batskin Bracers These are great if you lack hit, not as good as Bracers of the Eclipse. Materials to craft this can be expensive.
Deepfury Bracers These can be found off the Auction House, pretty good, easy to get.
Blackmist Armguards These are good if you lack hit, and cannot afford to get them mats for Primal Batskin Bracers.

Black Grasp of the Destroyer Good piece, materials are expensive, but the mana tick is very useful for long fights.
Devilsaur Gauntlets Also great, better if you have the 2 set, materials can be expensive as well, give more attack power than Black Grasp of the Destroyer.
Bloodsoul Gauntlets These are great, especially if you have the 3 set, the Mana per 5 helps.

Warpwood Binding The best belt you can get, you gain crit and some agi.
Sash of the Grand Hunt The +bows/guns/crossbows isn't super useful, but this belt is still pretty good.
Marksman's Girdle Great if you need the hit, gives you 21 agi as well.

Leggings of the Plague Hunter These are the best leggings you can get for a hunter, without a doubt.
Leggings of Destruction These are a good backup to Leggings of the Plague Hunter, also good because you can farm your Tarnished Elven Ring while getting this.
Devilsaur Leggings These are good if you are using the gloves as well. Materials may be expensive.
Blademaster Leggings These are good if you lack hit as well, pretty simple to get, drops a lot from The Beast.
Abyssal Mail Legguards Drops from the Dukes of the Abyssal Council from the "Wind Stone". Pretty good, gives crit and some agility.
Windrunner Legguards Pretty easy to get, can be bought off the Auction House for a pretty good price.

Windreaver Greaves Really the only boots you should get, can be farmed if you get a group willing to do just the first boss.

Tarnished Elven Ring 15 agi, 1 hit, really good for you, somewhat hard to get if you cannot get a group.
Painweaver Band Crit is just king for hunters, this is one of your biggest rings, I used this for far too long myself.
Blackstone Ring This is good if you still lack hit, and cannot get a Tarnished Elven Ring, can be solo farmed if you know how to do it.

Blackhand's Breadth This trinket will last you until Naxxramas. This is a must have.
Royal Seal of Eldre'Thalas Easy to get, free attack power.
Earthstrike Really fucking good, most annoying thing to farm, but worth your time.
Devilsaur Eye Earthstrikes baby brother, achieved from your class quest that finishes in Sunken Temple, also worth it, can be used with your Royal Seal with a trinket swap macro (Will talk about that later)

Warmonger 3 Hit, will be used if you cannot achieve the hit elsewhere. Otherwise
Assassination Blade x2 These give you crit, this is again, hunters biggest stat.

Ranged Weapon:
Core Marksman Rifle This is a little fast, but it is a decent weapon, not the best, but materials are expensive.
Fahrad's Reloading Repeater This weapon should last you until you get your Leaf bow or if you get Ossi bow, speed is great to optimize your rotation, gives you a hit as well.
Stoneshatter This is also easy to get, the +crossbow skill isn't really a big deal, good damage/speed.
Carapace Spine Crossbow Great speed, gives you agility, optimizes your rotation.
Heartseeking Crossbow Easy to get, can be bought off the Auction House for a relatively good price.

As far as gear, you can donate for some pieces that are really great for hunters.

Ossirian's Binding 10 DP, is your BiS belt until T3
Crossbow of Imminent Doom 10 DP, is also BiS until you get crossbow from Chromaggus. Better than your leaf bow because of the speed, you can properly optimize your rotation to maximize damage
Earthstrike 10 DP, great buy if you are too lazy to farm it yourself.
The Eye of Hakkar 10 DP, Better than your Pre raid necks.
Wristguards of True Flight 10 DP, great item especially if you lack hit.
Quick Strike Ring 10 DP, most raids wouldnt let you bid on this "because it has strength" but 30 AP and 1 crit, amazing!
Ring of Fury 7 DP, only 10 AP more than Blackstone, not really worth spending on it.
Seal of the Gurubashi Berserker 7 DP, just straight attack power, not too worth it as well.
Fang of the Faceless 10 DP, BiS until AQ40+ worth the money if you are donating.
Warblade of the Hakkari 10 DP, Paired with Fang, is your BiS weapons until AQ40.
Puissant Cape 10 DP, This isnt bad if you need the hit, only gives you 40 straight AP with no crit from agi, decent though.

I do not recommend donating for the full t1 set seeing as it costs 50 points, and you would replace most of that relatively fast. If you are going to donate for a set, get the AQ20 set Trappings of the Unseen Path.

Now that we have you geared up, its time to talk enchants on your gear. Enchanting your gear is crucial to correctly maximize your output, regardless of how expensive it is.

Falcon's Call This is not only your best head/leg enchant, but also one of the best idol enchants in the game.
Lesser Arcanum of Voracity This is the best helm/leg enchant for a hunter, extra crit and more attack power.
Arcanum of Rapidity This is for you lazy people (Me included) that dont want to do the shit for Voracity, pretty decent as well.

Zandalar Signet of Might Requires Exalted with the Zandalar Tribe, but that's 30 attack power you cant get elsewhere.

Enchant Cloak - Lesser Agility This is the only Cloak enchant that you should be using.

Formula: Enchant Chest - Greater Stats This is also the only enchant you should be using for your chest.

Formula: Enchant Bracer - Mana Regeneration This enchant will help your mana pool, the only time you should be using 1 agi is if you are wearing t3 gear and playing Survival spec.

Formula: Enchant Gloves - Superior Agility 15 agi, close to 1/3 of a crit, and 30 attack power, materials are expensive though.

Falcon's Call This is not only your best head/leg enchant, but also one of the best idol enchants in the game.
Lesser Arcanum of Voracity This is the best head/leg enchant for a hunter outside of a ZG Idol, extra crit and more attack power.
Arcanum of Rapidity This is for you lazy people (Me included) that dont want to do the shit for Voracity, pretty decent as well.

Formula: Enchant Boots - Greater Agility Before you say "but minor speed hurr durr" statistically, this is the best enchant you can get, its 14 attack power and some crit, but I personally use minor speed, its up to the user.

Weapon (1h):
Formula: Enchant Weapon - Agility Only acceptable enchant on your weapon as a hunter. Hands down.

Weapon (2h):
Formula: Enchant 2H Weapon - Agility If you are using a 2 handed weapon, this is also the only acceptable enchant that you should be using.

Ranged Weapon:
Sniper Scope You should be using this scope, there is really no reason for you to need a hit scope, if you really lack the hit, use warmonger.

Now that you are fully geared AND enchanted, lets get into the real stuff!

Rotation and Doing Damage:

Hunters are a burst dps class, which is why hit is so important to them (missing one key shot, can seriously lower dps). While a hunter might also sound like a mobile class, the difference between being stationary and doing damage on the run is massive. As a rule, move as little as possible, and if you have to move, try and time it between your autoshots, and when Aimed and Multishot are already on cooldown.

The ideal rotation is as follows:

Autoshot, Multishot, Autoshot, Aimed Shot, Autoshot, Autoshot, ...

In practice, this often looks like this:

Aimed Shot, Autoshot, Multishot, Autoshot, Autoshot, ...

Whats the difference? The first has an extra Autoshot that smoothes out the rotation, and has almost no down time between Multishot and Aimed Shot cooldowns. If you're playing with zero lag, this will do the most damage. The second rotation has a slight .5sec downtime that is being wasted after the second autoshot (where Aimed Shot is ready, but you have to let the autoshot finish). It also misses and Autoshot every other cycle, which is the main damage loss. This changes a bit with weapon speeds, and there are some break points where this doesn't happen. However, for most weapons, this is the case.

Why also might this rotation replace your other? Because certain mobs might have to die quickly (and can be killed with a single Aimed Shot, or by the raid before you can finish one cycle of your rotation). You can also channel an Aimed Shot while a tank is picking up a mob for instance, which if you hit it with an Auto + Aimed might cause it to aggro to you, and for the tank to get (rightfully) angry.

What you don't ever want:

Aimed Shot, Multishot, Autoshot, Autoshot, ...

Why is this worse? Well compare it to the first rotation: your missing out on 2 Autoshot. That may not seem like a lot, but depending on the length of the fight, your crit rating, and how much movement is required that could be anywhere from a 20-50% dps loss. Moral of the story: DON'T CLIP AUTOSHOTS. Let them fire between your casts.

If you have troubles with clipping your auto shots, I recommend getting Sorrens Hunter Timers, which can be found in This Addon Pack

What about our other spells?

On Vanilla Gaming, bosses can only have 16 debuffs on them at a time, except for very specific fights, additional hunter debuffs are usually a dps loss for the raid (as other class' debuffs are better than ours).

Serpent Sting: This is the one you'll use the most of the "non-used" spells. Apply on the pull, as the tanks go in for extra damage. The threat it generates is marginal and you can get some extra damage up before the raid dps gets going. This is usually only done on pulls that involve movement.

You can also use Serpent Sting on specific boss fights. In BWL, this would include fights like Broodlord, Ebonrock (where only half the raid is dpsing at any one time, and all the debuffs won't be up), and Nefarian (during Paladin Class calls, Serpent Sting count to two, then Feign and drink). Ossirian in AQ 20 is similarly a good fight to keep Serpent Sting up on.

In 20 mans, feel free to use Serpent Sting, as the group probably won't have all 16 best debuffs up.

Arcane Shot: Only use on the move, when you know you won't be still for the next 7 seconds. It shares a CD with Aimed shot, does less damage, and can be resisted. Try not to use.

Scorpid Sting: Useful for certain bosses that hit particularly hard. The raid leader will notify when you should use this.

Viper Sting: Useful in some fights in AQ, including Moam. However, unlike Serpent Sting, only one Viper Sting can be up at a time, so make sure not to stack it, or you're missing out on dps.

Now that we have you understanding how to dps, lets maximize that dps with consumables!

Your consumables list should be as follows.

Elixir of the Mongoose
Flask of Distilled Wisdom
Mageblood Potion
Major Mana Potion
Elemental Sharpening Stone

These are consumables that would often be considered "Required" for raiding. Some optional ones would be Dark Runes, Demonic Runes, Juju Might (For your pet) Juju Power (for your pet) Agi/str scrolls (for your pet) and you can use limited invulnerability potions while kiting.

Now that we have you geared, enchanted and fully buffed, lets make sure you have all your macros in tact.

Use Traps in Combat:

In Vanilla, hunter traps cannot be used in combat by default. However, with Feign Death, a little pet control, and some scripting, you can drop combat, in the middle of combat. Replace the final line with each of the other traps (Freezing, Immolation, and Explosive). This is incredibly useful, and mandatory on certain fights.

/script PetPassiveMode()
/script PetFollow()
/script if (UnitAffectingCombat("player")) then CastSpellByName("Feign Death()") elseif not (UnitAffectingCombat("player")) then CastSpellByName("Frost Trap"); end

3rd-Trinket Swapping:

Place your trinket in the upper left corner of your backpack. This will swap your current top-slot trinket with the one in your bags provided it is in that position. If you'd like to change it's position, change the second number in the 4th line (for example: (0,4) would be top right of backpack). This is absolutely necessary if you want to maximize dps as a hunter.

/script PetPassiveMode()
/script PetFollow()
/cast Feign Death
/script PickupContainerItem (0,1)
/script PickupInventoryItem (13)

When you get to four trinkets worth swapping, you'll want to use this macro. This will allow you to use two on-use trinkets together, and then swap them out for two passives (or other on-uses) while they're on CD.

/script PetPassiveMode()
/script PetFollow()
/cast Feign Death
/script PickupContainerItem (0,3)
/script PickupInventoryItem (13)
/script PickupContainerItem (0,4)
/script PickupInventoryItem (14)

To pop two on-use trinkets at the same time, use the following.

/script UseInventoryItem(13)
/run SpellStopCasting()
/script UseInventoryItem(13)
/run SpellStopCasting()
/script UseInventoryItem(14)
/run SpellStopCasting()
/script UseInventoryItem(14)
/run SpellStopCasting()

You will find yourself using a lot of these macros, be it in raid, or in pvp.

Special thanks to Myre, originally from REIGN, for most of this information. He helped shape me to becoming a proper hunter!
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Seeing as you guys are progressing more throughout naxx, and all of naxx is available, I'm going to add a full Best In Slot list so you guys know what you should be aiming for.

Cryptstalker Headpiece

Stormrage's Talisman of Seething

Cryptstalker Spaulders

Shroud of Dominion

Cryptstalker Tunic

Cryptstalker Wristguards

Marshal's Chain Grips

-or if you don't want to grind r12-

Cryptstalker Handguards

Cryptstalker Girdle

Cryptstalker Legguards

Cryptstalker Boots

Ring of the Cryptstalker

Band of Reanimation

Kiss of the Spider

Slayer's Crest

Badge of the Swarmguard

Jom Gabbar

Blackhand's Breadth

You will be weaving these 5 on cooldown, if you can't do that, refer to the macros above.

Melee Weapons:
Harbinger of Doom

Ranged Weapon:
Nerubian Slavemaker
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Sorono classleading from the heavens <3
#13091238 Feb 25, 2017 at 10:03 PM
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Jom Gabbar is a massive trinket as well
#13091293 Feb 25, 2017 at 11:04 PM
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#13091238 Asstamer wrote:

Jom Gabbar is a massive trinket as well

I'm pretty sure Jom Gabbar shares a CD with one of those trinkets, I'll have to do some testing and I'll get back to you
#13091304 Feb 25, 2017 at 11:11 PM
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Edit, tested jom gabbar, it does not share a CD with any of the other trinkets. Make sure you learn how to trinket weave like a boss if you intend on using all these trinkets in rapid succession
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jom and kots share cd on vg cuz #vgfeatures.
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